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12 Feb 2020 -
The bug where you could lose items (or gold) while trading with other players if you didn't...

The bug where you could lose items (or gold) while trading with other players if you didn't have enough space will be fixed after today's server save. Until then make sure you have enough space for all items while trading.

11 Feb 2020 -
You are now able to exchange life crystals for life rings at the NPC - The Blind Prophet, south of...

You are now able to exchange life crystals for life rings at the NPC - The Blind Prophet, south of Reston depot.

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3.3.2020 -
Double Exp
Author: God Matthias

Dear players, as many of you... ( all of you ) were asking for increasing the exp a bit, we have decided to activate DOUBLE EXP forever. This change will apply after today's server save!

Also there are upcoming new hunting places ( should be released at the weekend ).

Oraculum Team

26.2.2020 -
Author: God Matthias

Update 1.03.2020: The points for 1kk experience was changed from 20 to 3. This affects all players all the same, the only difference it makes is that tasks will play a more important role now.

We appreciate that you are with us, as a thank you we decided to give you something in return.

Competition start: 1.03 ( Sunday) 

Competition end: 15.03 ( Sunday )

To participe in this competition you must meet the specific criteria:

  • Minimum 140 level required (at the end of competition)
  • Own Gold Account
  • Get as many as you can Competition Points! (more information below)

How it works?

From Saturday (29.02) we'll turn on Competition Points counter, you'll get Points for:

  • Every 1.000.000 experience gained - 3 competition points
  • Each task done - competition points equal to reputation points for suitable task

There will be rewards for 15 first places. 

1st place

(Katar Optical Gaming Mouse) + 500 Premium Points!

2nd place

(BlueFire Gaming Headset Headphone with Mic and LED Lights) + 300 Premium Points!

3rd place

2000 Premium Points

4th - 10th place

300 Premium Points

11th - 15th

150 Premium Points

When the competition end, we'll contact the first 2 winners for details to send the won Products.

Please note if there will be less then 100 players online while the competition ends - competition will be cancelled.

Let the fun Begin!

Oraculum Team

21.2.2020 -
Author: God Matthias

Dear players, we've done few changes and added new hunting places (one of them at south-west Liberon)

Monsters have been nerfed:

  • Hydrolerna
  • Barroth
  • Deathwing
  • The Red (Quest Boss)

Those monsters gives you possibility to get rare items, should be possible now to team hunt them :)

Added tasks:

  • Vampire Bride
  • Hellspawn

Added missing items to Rashid.

Soon we'll intruduce possibility to buy separate addon items at shop.

EDIT: Addon products have been added to Donator Shop!

Oraculum Team

16.2.2020 -
Author: God Matthias

Some changes.

  • Spears doesn't break anymore
  • Soul Points for non promoted character will regen each 30 seconds now
  • Fixed Bast Skirt chance for drop
  • From now to get to deeper tombs at Norwest desert you'll need Scarab Coins
  • Added new spawn with Lizard Chosen's at Razachai
  • Added lower floor tomb at Norwest here
  • Added missing creature products to Acra

13.2.2020 -
Author: GM Emilio

We've fixed a few things.

  1. Trading between players with not enough inventory space should no longer be possible. Previously this could result in one of the players losing items or gold.

  2. Guild War system is now working properly. More info in this link - guild wars

  3. NPC travel bug has been fixed. This could previously result in the NPC sending you to a place where another player wanted to go.

There is one change in addition to these fixes - utito tempo and utito tempo san spells have been removed as they didn't fit in the current 'classic setting'.
Assassin stars damage is reduced by 3% for minimum hit and 6% for maximum hit.

We hope you're enjoying your stay!

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