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 2280Death Portal Rune
Teleports you to place of your last death
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 9969Frag Remover
Got red skull? Use frag remover to get rid of red skull.
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 5942Blessed Wooden Stake
Blessed Wooden Stake
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 5908Obsidian Knife
Obsidian Knife
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 2263Premium Point Rune
Add premium points: 10 to your account.
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 2131Teleport Amulet
Teleport yourself between all cities instantly. The amulet has no cooldown if used in PZ, or 1 hour cooldown if used outside of PZ. Example use: "urbis reston" - the amulet has to be equipped and you must not be in fight to use it.
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 10521Moon Backpack(vol:30)
Moon backpack(vol:30)
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 10515Whacking Driller of Fate
Can be used as Rope, Shovel, Machete, Scythe.
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 11302Zaoan Helmet
You see zaoan helmet (Arm:9, protection physical +5%). It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 8 or higher.
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 8891Paladin Armor
You see a paladin armor (Arm:12, distance fighting +2). It can only be wielded properly by paladins.
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 11304Zaoan Legs
You see zaoan legs (Arm:8, protection physical +2%).
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 8871Focus Cape
You see a focus cape (Arm:9, magic level +1). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids.
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 10016Batwing Hat
You see a batwing hat (Arm:3, magic level +1). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 8 or higher.
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 2195Boots of Haste
boots of haste (speed +20)
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 650050x Demonic Essences
You can use them as exchange 50x demonic essences + 100k at NPC Strange Merchant At Reston Temple for 25% more exp gain for 1h!
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 2296Bless Rune
Use it on yourself to receive full blessings!
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 6561Ceremonial Ankh
Check which blessings you have
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Always wanted to host your own Casino? Get your dice now!
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 8266Koshei's Ancient Amulet
You see koshei's ancient amulet (protection holy -50%, death +8%). It weighs 5.00 oz. The effects of this amulet are unknown.
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 7440Mastermind Potion
Mastermind Potion (adds 3 magic levels for 10 minutes each)
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 27985x Blood Herbs
Get 5x blood herbs to decorate your house!
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 6119Gold Account Scroll
Gold Account Scroll (14 days)
- You'll be able to wear amazing retro outfits.
- Receive 10% more experience from monsters!
- Gain +300 cap
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 11301Zaoan Armor
You see zaoan armor (Arm:13, speed +10). It can only be wielded properly by knights and paladins.
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 2432Fire Axe
You see a fire axe (Atk:38, Def:16 +1). It weighs 40.00 oz.
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 2392Fire Sword
You see a fire sword (Atk:35, Def:20 +1). It weighs 23.00 oz. The blade is a magic flame.
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 2436Skull Staff
You see a skull staff (Atk:36, Def:12 +1). It weighs 17.00 oz. The staff longs for death.
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 8902Spellbook Of Mind Control
You see a spellbook of mind control (Def:16, magic level +2). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 8 or higher.
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 2534Vampire Shield
You see a vampire shield (Def:34). It weighs 38.00 oz. Dark powers enchant this shield.
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 21602x Crystal Coin
2x Crystal Coin for yourself
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 8298Natural Soil x1
Natural Soils will let you kill Delirium - task boss which can drop the best items in-game!
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