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by God Matthias
God Matthias
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Position: God
Profession: Knight
Level: 307

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Some changes.

  • Spears doesn't break anymore
  • Soul Points for non promoted character will regen each 30 seconds now
  • Fixed Bast Skirt chance for drop
  • From now to get to deeper tombs at Norwest desert you'll need Scarab Coins
  • Added new spawn with Lizard Chosen's at Razachai
  • Added lower floor tomb at Norwest here
  • Added missing creature products to Acra
16.02.20 11:05:38
Edited by moderator
on 16.02.20 11:18:19
Mielone Robie
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Position: Player
Profession: Royal Paladin
Level: 175

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In my opinion to the tombs should be also added few bonebeasts'cause there aren't any spawn where we can find out them. Bonebeasts are important'cause of hardened bones which we need to 1st warrior addon, there isnt right now any chance to make this one, so pls think about it :)
17.02.20 12:29:50

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